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Jaguars free agency: Does Red Bryant change Jacksonville's approach?

With the Jacksonville Jaguars signing defensive end Red Bryant, does that change how they approach the rest of free agency?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With the Jacksonville Jaguars signing defensive end Red Bryant to a four-year, $17 million deal on Saturday, many have wondered if that's going to change the Jaguars plans going forward in free agency. Does it mean they're not going to spend much more on the defensive side of the ball? Does it mean they will only sign one offensive lineman?

Just generally speaking, I don't think it really changes anything. Depending on the signing bonus (if any) and the structure of Bryant's contract, the Jaguars should still easily have roughly $50 million in cap space to play around with. They can spend on another defensive end and two offensive lineman still, rather easily if they wish.

The one thing I think that the Bryant changes is which types of players, especially on the defensive line, the Jaguars will be targeting. I don't think players like Michael Bennett and Lamarr Houston will be high on the list just because of where they would fit. Bryant and Alualu will be manning the strong-side end position and neither Bennet or Houston are true LEO's. While they'd still fit and likely be productive, I'd imagine the Jaguars will look for a pure LEO pass rusher if they add more defensive line in free agency.

This likely means their focus will shift guys like Michael Johnson, Everson Griffen and Willie Young. All three would be fits at the LEO if the Jaguars are looking to address that area in free agency.