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Browns 'mulling over' Jaguars Alex Mack contract offer

While many thought the Browns would instantly match any offer to Alex Mack, reports have surfaced that the team is "really mulling it over".


Free agent center Alex Mack agreed to a five-year, $42 million extension with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday. Mack was hit with the transition tag by the Cleveland Browns, which now gives them five days to match the offer if they choose, but while most thought that the Browns would match the offer "within seconds", it appears they are now "mulling it over" according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

The reported details of the deal Mack agreed to include $18 million guaranteed over the first two years of the contract, but in 2015 there is a player opt-out clause in the deal which would prevent either team from franchise tagging him if he opts out of the deal.

This is where the sticking point would seem to be. The Browns have to decide if they want to pay Mack $18 million for two years, at minimum (we don't know the base salaries for the years at this point) and then risk Mack opting out and leaving in free agency. The other sticking point is that if Mack chooses to waive his opt-out in 2015, the deal carries another $8 million in guaranteed money, pushing the deal to a minimum of $26 million over three seasons, plus any other workout bonuses and base salary.

I think it's a 50-50 shot the Browns match the offer and it would make sense for them to pass or match, either way. The Jaguars lose nothing if the Browns match the deal, as it's late enough in free agency that they've essentially signed who they're going to sign.