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Alex Mack signs Jaguars offer, Browns have 5 days to match

The Jaguars offer for Alex Mack has been officially signed, the Browns now have five days to match the deal.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Pro Bowl center Alex Mack has officially signed the Jacksonville Jaguars five-year, $42 million offer sheet. The clock on the Cleveland Browns deciding to match the deal officially begins now and the team has five days to match the offer.

As Schefter mentions, the deal will pay Mack a total of $26 million guaranteed over the first three seasons. Mack also has the ability to opt out of the deal after the first two years, which will pay $18 million guaranteed and the deal includes a no-trade clause, meaning whichever team is on the hook for that $26 million over the first three years if he does not opt out.

There have been reports on both sides, that the Browns will immediately match any offer and that they're mulling it over. We'll know one way or the other in five days, at the latest.

The Browns have until Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET to match the offer.