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Weston Richburg 2014 NFL Draft Profile

After being unable to obtain Alex Mack in free agency, the Jaguars are back to square one with their glaring hole at center. If they chose to select a center early in the draft, Colorado State's Weston Richburg could be an option.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Where Weston Richburg Wins

What Richburg does best is position his body and seal off both defensive tackles and linebackers from running plays. He possesses a very flexible lower body and is able to get low and absorb contact while walling off defenders with his game.

Richburg is not the most explosive or even the strongest center but he gets the job done in the run game and at the point of attack. It is not always pretty, but he executes his blocks, which is all you can ask for. He rarely moves defensive tackles immediately off the point of attack, but he plays with good leverage and always looks to finish blocks, so he normally does get movement one way or another.


In pass protection, Richburg is solid. He plays with good posture and is able to sink in his hips to anchor against bull rushes. He does not catch defenders, but instead is aggressive in finding contact through his hands, flashing a devastating punch at times. He has enough foot speed to mirror in a phone booth and possesses the lower body to succeed against power-rushers.


Where Weston Richburg Needs to Improve

Richburg is strong, but he's not overwhelmingly powerful. He is also just average off the ball. Combining these two traits, he will not move many nose tackles directly off the snap. Too many times he lost ground off the snap, and this could be even more of an issue against "twitchy" defensive tackles.

Richburg is a good enough athlete for the position, but he is not a player who will really win in space though. He takes inconsistent angles to the second level in the run game, and when he does meet linebackers at the point of attack, he has a tendency to overextend and fall off the block. Colorado State pulled him at times, but I do not think he has the foot speed to do this as often in the NFL. On screens, he possess very good vision and awareness but simply isn't able to get to his spot quick enough too often.

Overall Impression

Richburg is not the flashiest player. His physical tools are good and he very well may be maxed out physically. But he's a smart player who very clearly knows his strengths and plays to them as well as you could really ask him to. I think he'll be a good, but not great, player who will bring you sustainability and consistency, which is a big plus at the center position.

Grade: Top 50.