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Jaguars new radio spot is interesting

I would have just said "slide into my DMs" or something about Snapchat.

The new Jacksonville Jaguars radio advertisement is a bit, interesting. It kind of sounds like you're calling a 900 number, not that there is anything wrong with that. That's a bit 1990's though, isn't it? Shouldn't they have updated the ad with something more modern?

Well, I guess it's hard to make sliding into someone's direct messages on Twitter something audible and engaging. Maybe the @Jaguars twitter account could just start randomly DMing people that follow them? I'm sure you can make ticket selling DM messages kind of sexy.

What about Snapchat? They could send really racy snaps to people in image or video form.

If this is how the radio ads are going to go, I can't wait for the television ads. Maybe they'll do like Red Band YouTube commercials too that you can only do online and you have to verify your age to watch.