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Austin Seferian-Jenkins 2014 NFL Draft Profile

Washington tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins was hyped as the next big thing before the 2013 season, before a dip in production and usage. Is the once-heralded talent still there?


Where Austin Seferian-Jenkins Wins

Seferian-Jenkins is truly a giant at the position, measuring at 6'6" and a little over 260 pounds, and he plays like it as a receiver. He is a red zone mismatch, showing the ability to win one-on-one jump ball situations with ease. He is able to track the ball, box defenders out with his frame and strength, and shows great contact management and hands at the catch point. He has a wide catch radius and adjusts well to balls outside his frame as well, making him one of the better red zone threats in the draft.

With the ball in the air, Seferian-Jenkins also shows rare body control and balance. This control can be found in the run game as well. Seferian-Jenkins is built like an offensive tackle, with a thick frame and good length, and uses this as an advantage when blocking linebackers in space. He is balanced to the second level and shows the ability to hit moving targets and use his length and frame to wall defenders off from the play.

Where Austin Seferian-Jenkins Needs To Improve

When not in the red zone, Seferian-Jenkins is a very underwhelming receiver. He is a below average athlete, struggling to get a good release off the line when challenged and not showing much suddenness or explosion in any of his movements. He is really a lumbering mover, and I have a lot of questions if he'll ever be able to actually gain separation at the next level, as he is not good enough in and out of breaks to separate consistently. His lack of athleticism shows up after the catch as well, as he really can only rely on his size/strength for yards after the catch.

While Seferian-Jenkins looks the part of a dominating in-line blocker, he is hardly impressive in that area. He rarely moves defenders off the point of attack and his technique is a mess. He seems complacent with simply holding his ground, not willing to impose his will on smaller defenders. I do not think he has shown the ability to be even a solid in-line run blocker for the NFL level.

Overall Impression:

Seferian-Jenkins' size is rare, and he is truly a mismatch in a few situations, but I simply do not see the value in a below average athlete who is a poor blocker and is practically a non-factor as a receiver outside of the red zone.

Grade: 5.7, Day 3.