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Arthur Lynch 2014 NFL Draft Profile

Arthur Lynch has been one of the most consistent and popular tight ends for some time, but how does he fare as an NFL prospect?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Where Arthur Lynch Wins

Lynch was a much better receiver than I anticipated him being. He is not a dynamic threat with the ball in his hands, but he is dependable option to all areas of the field. He shows the willingness to work across the middle, and can still come down with the ball under contact, showing some of the most natural hands and best hand-eye coordination in the class. He shows good strength and balance in his yards after the catch, and while he will never blow the top off of a defense, he can be a reliable chain mover.

As a blocker, he is comfortable in space and from the H-back spot. He is fluid and controlled to the second level and shows the ability to hit moving targets and seal them off from the play. In this area of the game he shows good aggression and strength.

Where Arthur Lynch Needs To Improve

Despite being a very good space blocker, Lynch is merely average blocking at the line of scrimmage. He struggles to play with leverage and is too often the last one to engage with the defender. He does not get consistent movement, and is more of a stalemate blocker. He does show good qualities in pass protection, though.

Despite some really impressive receiving abilities, Lynch is merely an average athlete in all facets. He is not explosive off the line and struggles to sink his hips and explode in and out of breaks, limiting his route tree and ability to separate from linebackers. He has a very clear ceiling, and may not get much better than he is now.

Overall Impression:

Lynch impressed me as a guy who you can move around the field, depending on the situation, but he did not live up to the stereotypical in-line tight end type of player I expected. He will be a good option for a team that likes to spread it out, both for run and pass, and is a good chain mover, but overall he is limited.

Grade: 6.25, Day 3.