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NFL schedule 2014: Jacksonville Jaguars schedule released in April

The NFL will release their official 2014 schedule in mid-April.

Streeter Lecka

The NFL will release their official schedule in mid-April, despite rumors that it could be pushed back this season according to Pro Football Talk. We already know which teams the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to play this season, but soon we will know the order and how many, if any, prime time games the team will get outside of the standard Thursday Night Football game every team will receive.

We already know the Jaguars will be playing the Dallas Cowboys in London on November 9 in Week 10, with their bye week likely coming before or after that game. With the Florida vs. Georgia game scheduled for Nov. 1, look for the Jaguars to either be away on Nov. 2 or on their bye week.

Below is a list of the Jaguars opponents for the 2014 season:

Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals
Dallas Cowboys (London) Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants Washington Redskins
Miami Dolphins San Diego Chargers
Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans