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Billy Turner 204 NFL Draft Profile

Billy Turner is one of the better small-school prospects in the entire draft, but what exactly does he bring to the table?

Turner, #77 at LT, vs Kansas State in the 2013 Season Opener
Turner, #77 at LT, vs Kansas State in the 2013 Season Opener
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Where Billy Turner Wins

In terms of pure aggression, physicality, and just the willingness to impose one's will on the player across from them, Turner is astounding. He flies around the field, always having his head on a swivel looking for contact. It isn't often you use the term "rangy" to describe an offensive lineman prospect, but that is what Turner is.

Turner is also a very good athlete for a guard. He shows explosion off the ball and the quickness to get to the second level and hit moving targets. In pass protection, he has the quickness to mirror in short areas, while having the lower half to absorb contact and anchor. He is very aggressive with his punch, and can anchor against bull rushes.

Where Billy Turner Needs To Improve

Most, if not all, of Turner's issues relate to offensive tackle technique. He has good foot speed, but he just looks unnatural kick sliding and then anchoring on an island. He stands up off the snap and can be susceptible to inside counters. Too many times he will also bury his head into the defensive end, forcing him to lose all balance and awareness.

Overall Impression

As an offensive tackle, Turner scares me. He does not show the technique or fluidity to stick on an island against NFL-caliber pass rushers. But as a guard,  I love Turner as a prospect. A lot of his issues can be corrected or downplayed when slid inside and he seems like a player whose skill set just correlates to playing "in a phone booth". He has the athleticism, strength, and pure nastiness to go a long way... in the right situation.

Grade: 7.0, Day 2