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Gabe Jackson 2014 NFL Draft Profile

If Gabe Jackson can play at a consistent level, some NFL team will get a good guard.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

What Gabe Jackson Does Well

Jackson is HUGE. He is a brick wall, both in the upper and lower body. His massive lower body is also very flexible, making it easy for him to absorb contact and halt momentum immediately. Against slower DT (NT's, 1 Techniques) such as LSU's Ego Ferguson, he saw, and will see, his most success as he can take away their greatest asset.

Jackson possesses good strength to go along with his flexibility and bend. He can fight through  contact to get body positioning, and play with better leverage than a lot of OG's his size. He is not a great drive blocker, but he is a very, very good "sustain" blocker. In pass pro, Jackson uses his length well and shows the ability to mirror with crisp footwork and balance.

Where Gabe Jackson Needs To Improve

What Jackson lacks is quickness and explosion. He has a merely average first step and fails to generate much movement off the ball because he simply does not generate great power or explosion. I do not think he will ever be a great drive blocker, but he is good enough at not getting beat that it is OK.

Where Jackson will likely struggle in the NFL is with "Quick Twitch" DT's. He does not possess very good lateral quickness or recovery ability, and if beat off the ball or to contact, there is simply not much he can do.

Overall Impression:

Jackson strikes me as a good, not great player. He does just enough to be effective, but he will have his ups and his downs largely depending on who lines up across from him.

Grade: 6.6, Day 2.