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Trai Turner 2014 NFL Draft Profile

Trai Turner is an interesting guard prospect with a lot of tools, but how will they translate to the NFL?

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Where Trai Turner Wins

The first thing that stands out about Trai Turner is his massive frame and the immense strength he possesses to go along with it. He can stop defenders momentum immediately on contact by his ability to engage and absorb. At the second level, he engulfs linebackers who are unable to work through or around him. Turner is not the best athlete, but he does show good straight line speed and is able to get to the second-level pretty quickly considering his size.

In pass protection, Turner shows the footwork to mirror but and generally does a very good job of getting into defenders frames. He delivers a good punch and has very, very strong hands, as evident by his ability to turn, lift, and wash out defensive linemen when he finds contact. Once he gets his hands inside, it's normally over.

Where Trai Turner Needs To Improve

Turner lacks explosion off the ball, and when he makes contact at the line of scrimmage, he too often fails to keep consistent foot and leg movement into contact. For a player of his size and strength, I expected a very good drive blocker, but he got into more stalemates than I anticipated. He has the body to absorb to sustain, but too many times got high and off balance and was not able to get movement.

In pass protection, most of Turner's issues come from a lack of balance and not being able to get consistent depth in his pass set. He stands up straight out of his stance and lunges at too many targets, making him vulnerable to counters and explosive defensive tackles. Also, too many times Turner would stop his feet on contact and get little depth in his set, making it easy for defensive tackles to attack his outside shoulder and get penetration.

Overall Impression

Turner was an interesting guy to watch because his tools are evident, but so are his inconsistencies. If he wants to play up to his potential, he will need to work on his technique hard, both as a run and pass blocker.

Grade: 6.4, Day 3