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Who are the Jaguars Beating in 2014?

Although the full NFL Schedule is set to be released tonight, we already know who the Jacksonville Jaguars will be playing.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be playing the following teams this year:

Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals
Dallas Cowboys (London) Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants Washington Redskins
Miami Dolphins San Diego Chargers
Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans

In addition to their normal Divisional match-ups, the Jaguars will playing the NFC East and AFC North this year.

The NFC East will be interesting largely because the entire division, minus the Eagles, had a disappointing season last year.

The Jaguars will be facing the Dallas Cowboys in London. The Cowboys seem like they will be really awful this coming season. Anytime a team replaces Demarcus Ware with Jeremy Mincey it cant bode well for the defense.

The New York Giants look to bounce-back after their 2013 season ended well below their standard. Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning both appear to be on the hot seat for the 2014 campaign. Usually when those two are on the hot seat,  the Giants win the Super Bowl. I really doubt that happens this year.

The Redskins have a new Head Coach in Jay Gruden. Robert Griffin III, after being rested for the entire offseason and the last few weeks of the 2013 campaign, has dealt with "bust" talk all offseason. The Redskins are one of the more interesting teams in the league. Will RGIII improve after his awful sophomore season or will his fall continue?

In addition to playing the NFC East, the Jaguars will also play all of the teams in the AFC North. The AFC North is filled to the brim with teams who can make the playoffs.

The Cincinnati Bengals will again have one of the leagues' top defenses, and their offense, with players like AJ Green, is no slouch either.

The Pittsburg Steelers are an older team who has not really done much to improve during this offseason. Most expect the Steelers to have another down year. I cant wait to bathe in their tears.

The Baltimore Ravens will look to make the playoffs after missing the playoffs in 2013 following their Super Bowl championship in 2012. Joe Flacco got paid, and the Ravens got worse. Will the Ravens regret paying Flacco his outrageous contract? Probably. Anquan Boldin isnt walking through that door.

The Cleveland Browns matched the Jaguars' offer sheet to Alex Mack. And that's all I have to say about that.



Prediction time:

19-0. Boom, touchdown Blackmon. (Pick six)