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Jacksonville Jaguars Primetime Predictions

All NFL teams are assured of having at least one Prime Time game. How many Prime Time games will the Jacksonville Jaguars play?

Mark Nolan

Before going much further, do me a favor and plug your headphones in. If you can listen without headphones, pump up the volume and cue this post's theme music.

NFL Primetime Song 1 (via Mark Polinsky)

Because I have big teal testes of steel, iron, and tungsten, I am going to predict that the Jacksonville Jaguars will have two Prime Time games this season.

"But Chaps, what will those game be?! Please tell us!"

Calm down, nephews and nieces. The two Prime Time games will be the first Houston game, and the game against the Pittsburg Steelers.

"But Chaps, how can you be so sure?"

Rivalries. Ever heard of em? The Houston Texas, a divisional foe, will be playing with the number one overall pick, and the Jaguars will have the number three overall pick. A match made in early season Prime Time perfection. The Steelers game will also be a Prime Time game, because it's time we beat Pittsburg in Prime Time again.

The Jaguars are, according to most in the league, a team on the rise. The NFL likes to highlight it's up and coming teams. I think the Jaguars play in primetime on week 2 and week 9. What do you think?