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First Predictions for 2014: Jaguars Gonna Die?

The Jacksonville Jaguars schedule for 2014 is now released. It's better than last year.

Rick Dole

The Jacksonville Jaguars will have a lot to improve on from the 2013 season. Is the schedule that was released today conducive to that improvement? Absolutely. Here's why:

One first glance, I only see four games that are really tough wins for the Jaguars.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

2. Indianapolis Colts

3. Indianapolis Colts

4. Cincinnati Bengals

Now, am I predicting that the Jaguars only lose four games? HA! No. Even for the most passionate fans, 12-4 is a reach. A big reach.

But, it is not unreasonable to believe that the Jaguars could beat:

1. Washington Redskins

2. San Diego Chargers

3. Pittsburg Steelers

4. Tennessee Titans (split)

5. Houston Texans (split)

6. Miami Dolphins

7. Dallas Cowboys

8. New York Giants

9. Baltimore Ravens

If the Jaguars manage to steal a game from the teams who I believe will beat the Jaguars, the team will be in good shape. At any rate, I believe that the Jaguars are a team on the rise, and will actually compete for the division title this year.

Now, taking a step back, the draft hasn't even happened yet. If Dave Caldwell can get close to the same amount of production from this year's draft class as he did from last year's draft class, the Jaguars will be in good shape. The NFC East having a little down stretch really helps as well. Worst case, those years of two, three and four wins should be a thing of the past, even if ESPN and others say otherwise.