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Joel Bitonio 2014 NFL Draft Profile

Joel Bitonio is one of the more versatile lineman in the NFL Draft and could be a sleeper candidate as an NFL center.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Where Joel Bitonio Wins

Bitonio is that player every coach and fan will love, because you see his motor and aggression never runs cold. He goes 100% on every snap, and looks to be an aggressive finisher on every block. This type of style can help him become a type of blocker that simply grinds his opponents down as the game comes closer and closer to the end, because he brings it every single play.

As a run blocker, he always keeps his feet moving and he normally plays with good leverage. He is not overly strong or explosive, but he can generate movement purely by his leg drive and determination. In pass protection, he flashes impressive short area quickness to the outside and flashes his aggression with his punch.

Where Joel Bitonio Needs To Improve

Bitonio's biggest issues are clear in both the run and pass game: He lacks the balance or physical skill-set to stick at offensive tackle. He is built very top-heavy, and lacks the balance or fluidity to be able to recover when countered. He seems to know his physical limitations in terms of functional length (has long arms but plays like he has T-Rex arms) and average control, so he often oversets to the outside to meet the speed rush. He was frequently beat back inside at the tip of the arc due to his overset and lack of recovery ability.

In the run game, he simply falls off to many blocks and is so inconsistent in terms of just sustaining blocks. I do not think he has the quickness or fluidity to be a consistent space blocker, either. He needs to keep adding strength, but he already looks maxed out.

Overall Impression:

As an offensive tackle, Bitonio did not get a "starter" grade from me. I think he is much better suited at guard or even center, where his lack of length and fluidity on an island will be much less of a factor.

Overall Grade. 6.65. Day 2