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DaQuan Jones 2014 NFL Draft Profile

DaQuan Jones is a versatile lineman who would seem to fit well in the Jaguars defensive scheme.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Where DaQuan Jones Wins

Jones is one of the better defensive tackles this year in terms of maintaining gap discipline and strength at the point of attack while also possessing astounding backfield vision. He does a good job of holding his ground, reading the play, then using very quick hands to shed and make the tackle. He takes good lateral angles to the ball, and while not the best athlete, will make a lot of plays outside of his assignment.

Jones also possesses a good bit of versatility. He has the read-and-react skills for a traditional defensive end, while possessing the size and anchor for a nose tackle. I think he can play a hybrid DT/DE in certain schemes, specifically for the Jaguars. As a pass rusher, Jones has violent hands on contact and closes well.

Where DaQuan Jones Needs To Improve

Jones struggles the most with his block shedding technique. He always knows where the ball is, but too often he is late to bring his hands to the play or stands up off the ball, limiting his power. For a player who is as aware as he is, if he works on his technique, he can make even more plays.

As a pass rusher, Jones is very limited right now. He is not explosive off the ball so he must rely on his strength and counter moves, where he struggles right now. He comes off high off the the ball and also does not do a good job converting speed-power, and keeping his legs driving. Right now he relies only on his bullrush, and it is an effective one as is. He needs to develop more rush moves to be able to play all three downs.

Overall Impression:

Jones is not a dynamic athlete, but he does all the little things well and is a defensive coordinator's dream in terms of the multitude of assignments he can execute. I question his third down ability and whether or not he can be a dynamic playmaker, but he possesses the skills to be a solid starter as of now.

Grade: 6.6, Day 2