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Facebook and Twitter reactions to the Jaguars 2014 schedule

We knew the teams the Jaguars would host at Everbank and have to travel to, but we didn't know when and what time. Now we do, and social media reactions have varied from "This looks reasonable..." to "adAFGSgsgggsaj".

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There's nothing quite like perusing Big Cat Country Twitter and Facebook when big news hits. What was everyone's reactions when the Jaguars' 2014 schedule leaked? Let's find out:

The first thing a lot of us saw when the schedule hit is that four of our first six games are on the road, including the first two weeks in Philadelphia and Washington, respectively.

Kelvin Hall hit the nail on the head -- we're facing two solid football teams on the road to start off the season. The rookies and second-year players are jumping into the deep end of a cold pool:

There was also a lot of groaning about the lack of primetime games the Jaguars were given. Personally, I thought they'd get two, but the league-mandated one isn't all too surprising. I mean, we're a bad football team. The arrow's pointing up, but it's pointing up on a bad football team.

There was also a fair amount of optimism around the league. Vegas oddsmakers had the over/under on just 4.5 wins, and nearly every prediction around the league had us besting that.

Except for Ryan. Boo this man.

But an overwhelming reaction around the league of "Hey, I think the Jaguars are going to take serious steps forward in 2014" didn't stop some #Jagwhyers from finding something wrong with the team. WARNING: These are some of hottest takes you'll see on the Internet:

Justin starts with a Sesame Street-style dig at the NFL schedule makers...


Oh, and here's where the fun conspiracy theories begin...


Justin's stamina is uncanny...


But... what's this, Justin? The glass is half-full? Yay!