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Jaguars 2013 Draft Do-Over

Is it too early to be critically evaluating the Jaguars' 2013 draft class and looking at how we'd re-do it? Probably.


Yeah, these guys are only a year into their professional career, but knowing what we know now... who should the Jaguars have drafted in 2013?

Round 1, No. 2 Overall: DE Ziggy Ansah

The Jaguars selected OT Luke Joeckel with the second-overall draft pick. If we had to do it over again, I don't know if I could have done anything differently even if I wanted to. I might have tried to trade down with Philadelphia, added a pick, and selected Lane Johnson. But I don't think a trade was available. Knowing Austin Pasztor would step up the way he did, I would've selected DE Ziggy Ansah, and let Monroe play out his contract year.

The only reason Ansah wasn't selected even higher than No. 5 is because he didn't start until Week 4 of his senior season. He's a tremendously gifted athlete. But with little tape, few front offices were willing to pull the trigger. After a sensational rookie year in Detroit, and knowing he probably hasn't hit his ceiling in terms of performance, I think he'd be worth the second-overall pick.

Round 2, No. 33 Overall: LB Kiko Alonso

Johnathan Cyprien is a defensive coordinator's dream, but the possibility of solving our problems at pass rush and at the weakside linebacker position in the first two picks is too much to pass up. Alonso is the long-term solution at outside linebacker in Buffalo, he led the team in tackles, and he helped contribute to the best Bills pass rush in franchise history. Yes.

Round 3, No. 64 Overall: WR Keenan Allen

I loved the Dwayne Gratz pick here, but I'd have grabbed WR Keenan Allen. Justin Blackmon is a huge question mark going forward and Keenan Allen is one of only a handful of receivers to go for more than 1,000 yards in his rookie season. Passing on a guard like Larry Warford, who didn't give up a sack in 2013, was hard. But a starting wide receiver in the third round is too much value.

Round 4, No. 101 Overall: C Brian Schwenke

With Allen selected in the third round, the Jaguars don't need to go and get Ace Sanders. Instead, I'd have them executing the same exact trade with Philadelphia and picking up center Brian Schwenke -- taking him away from Tennessee and settling the conundrum of who's going to replace Brad Meester in 2014.

Round 5, No. 135 Overall: RB Andre Ellington

This is where the Jaguars picked up Denard Robinson. While I have hope that Denard can get it done in the NFL, Andre Ellington showed he can get it done, racking up over 1,000 total yards and rushing for 5.5 yards per carry last season.

Round 6, No. 169 Overall: DT Chris Jones

The sixth round was filled with mediocrity -- so to get Josh Evans, who contributed in a big way last year, was huge. But DT Chris Jones was a standout on the Patriots last season and, along with Ansah, would have helped make defensive line a position of strength in 2014.

Round 7, No. 208 Overall: TE Joseph Fauria

It's hard to say how Jeremy Harris will pan out as a pro. He was lost for the season last August and didn't play in the regular season. Considering that seventh-round picks flame out more often than they don't, I'd grab TE Joseph Fauria, who went undrafted, but showed himself to be one of Detroit's best red zone targets last season. Oh, and having a 6'7" guy would make any rookie quarterback we draft this year happy.

Round 7, No. 210 Overall: LB Paul Worrilow

Another undrafted guy who was absolutely stellar in 2013. He started 12 games, played all 16, and racked up 127 tackles and 2.0 sacks last year. Bartu currently plays strong-inside linebacker in the Falcons' 3-4 base defense (the guy engaging blockers so the weak-inside linebacker is clean to make tackles) but with a 4.59 40-yard dash time and a nose for the ball, he and Alonso could be our starting outside linebackers of the future.