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NFL trade rumors: Falcons coming up? Could Jaguars be a dance partner?

The rumors of the Atlanta Falcons trading up in the NFL Draft are starting to heat up and there is probably some truth to them.

Kevin C. Cox

There has been some thought that if the Jacksonville Jaguars would like to slide down in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons could be a potential trade partner. More and more the smoke has been billowing from Atlanta and now reports make it seem as if it's almost a given that the Falcons will be moving into the Top 4 in two weeks to make a pick.

This means the Jaguars are right in a sweet spot for the Falcons to move up, if that is indeed their intention. Their target is more than likely Jadeveon Clowney, who at this moment I feel is a lock to go to the Houston Texans. I think Atlanta is willing to move up, but I'm not sure they want to give up the ammo it might take to move to No. 1 overall, but that also means they miss out on Clowney.

The Falcons are also in need of an offensive tackle and have been linked heavily with Khalil Mack, who's regarded as the next best pass rusher after Clowney. It's possible the Falcons could come up for one of the offensive tackles, leaping the Oakland Raiders who also have a big need there, or for Mack.

Personally, I think a slide back to No. 6 overall would be almost a best case scenario for the Jaguars in a move down. They could very likely still end up with either Blake Bortles or Teddy Bridgewater if they want to make a move on a quarterback. There's also a great chance that Mike Evans and Anthony Barr will be available there as well.

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