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Avery Williamson 2014 NFL Draft Profile

Kentucky's Avery Williamson hasn't gotten a lot of publicity leading up to the NFL Draft, but he's a starting caliber linebacker than can be had in Day 2.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Where Avery Williamson Wins

Williams was always around the ball, acting like a heat seeking missile at the 2nd level for Kentucky. Not only was he assignment disciplined, but he anticipated RB's VERY well and always put himself in a position to make a play. He has good spatial awareness of blockers and does a good job keeping zone discipline in coverage.

Athletically, I am very impressed by Williamson. He shows good initial burst downhill, and flashes quick hands into blocks and explosive movements in short spaces. I think he has the athleticism for the "New Age" ILB. He also flashes the ability to stay on the field on passing downs and is among the most physical LB's in the draft, never shying from contact.

Where Avery Williamson Needs To Improve

Williamson's biggest issues right now are the fact that while he is explosive in short areas, his actual lateral range is limited to a degree because of a large amount of wasted movement. He also takes some pretty poor angles due to aggressiveness, and frequently overran edge runs and passes out of the backfield.

Overall Impression

Williamson was one of the more pleasant surprises I watched in 2014. He has has the instincts, size, and athleticism to contribute early at ILB or OLB, no matter what scheme.

Grade: 6.7, Day 2

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