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Transition Tag Deadline

Players who are transition tagged have until July 22nd to sign a contract with other teams.

Larry French

Although it was reported last week by Alfie Crow that the Jacksonville Jaguars brass had met and were in contract discussions with transition tagged Cleveland Brown Alex Mack, other teams will have until July 22nd to come to an agreement or his negotiating rights belong exclusively to the Cleveland Browns.

The July 22nd window would put any team who signs Mack at a disadvantage. Teams by that point will be deep into their offseason workout schedules. The Jaguars who already have quite a bit of change on the offensive line would most likely want to have most of its offensive line working together by the end of July.

If Alex Mack is not signed by another team by July 22nd, the sole negotiating window transfers back to the Cleveland Browns. If Mack and the Browns, at that point, still do not reach an agreement by November 11th, Mack would be forced to sit out the remainder of the season.

Surely that wont happen. It is hard to imagine a player in his prime leaving 10 plus million dollars on the table.

With that being said, the Jaguars flirting with Mack might not be over anytime soon and could extend well beyond the draft.