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Jay Fund Draft Drive update: We're lagging behind

We're lagging behind the big ol' New Yorkers at Big Blue View.

All week we've been running reminders at the bottom of NFL Draft related articles ask for donations for Tom Coughlin's Jay Fund. We're in direct competition with SB Nation's New York Giants blog, Big Blue View. We now have an update on the donation totals so far and it looks like after taking the initial lead in the friendly competition, we've lagged behind.

Out of the gate we took a $100 - $20 lead over BBV, but we've lagged behind in donations and now trail the Giants blog $615 - $220. I know we're up against those pesky New Yorkers, but I think we can beat them.

Donate if you can and remember it's all about helping out the children.

Don't forget to Donate to the BCC Jay Fund Draft Drive


In the "Dedicated To" field, simply enter "Big Cat Country" so we can keep track of the donations. Every amount helps.