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Jaguars in a sweet spot for a trade back?

With all the noise and uncertainty surrounding the Jaguars at the No. 3 overall pick, could they actually be in a sweet spot to trade down in the NFL Draft?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been linked with a handful players at the top of the NFL Draft and no one really seems to have a good grasp of where they're going. There is some thought they could be one of the teams that will pick a quarterback early, but more and more that's not looking likely.

The most common picks for the Jaguars seem to be edge rusher Khalil Mack and wide receiver Sammy Watkins, both of which make a lot of sense given the state of the Jaguars roster. The team has also been linked to offensive linemen Greg Robinson and Jake Matthews, which wouldn't make a lot of sense for the state of the roster but some people seem to think it's a possibility.

A lot of these players are also linked to some of the other teams who pick beyond the Jaguars and are considered top players overall in the draft. The Jaguars might find themselves in a bit of a "sweet spot" at the third overall pick regardless of who goes in the first two picks.

I think the Jaguars have a player or two they're comfortable picking with the No. 3 overall pick, but I also think they'd love to slide back a few picks. It's possible that teams could move to No. 3 to try to get the best wide receiver in the draft, the next best pass rusher, the first quarterback, or even the top offensive tackle prospect.

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