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NFL draft history: Jaguars don't trade in Round 1 often

Nearly every draft season fans want their teams to trade down in the first round in the hopes of picking up more and more draft picks. But how often does it happen?

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We've talked about the Jacksonville Jaguars potentially sliding down in the 2014 NFL Draft in an effort to pick up some more draft picks. While this is the ideal scenario for a lot of teams heading into the draft, for the Jaguars it hasn't really happened all that much.

In the Jaguars history, since 1995, they've only traded in the first round (either up or down) a total of five times, twice of which were within the past three drafts. The Jaguars historically have also traded up in the first round more than down.

In the Jaguars first season in the NFL, 1995, they traded up in the first round for the first time, moving from No. 31 overall to No. 19 overall to select Tennessee running back James Stewart. To do so, the team gave up their first round pick, their third and fourth round picks as well as a fourth round pick in 1996.

In the 2007 NFL Draft, the Jaguars traded down and ended up picking Reggie Nelson with the No. 21 overall pick. For their original pick, No. 17 overall, the Jaguars received a third round pick and a seventh round pick. The Jaguars used those extra picks to maneuver around more in the draft. This marked the only time in Jaguars history they've traded down in the first round.

The 2008 NFL Draft is one we all remember, when the Jaguars gave up pick Nos. 26, 71, 89 and 125 to move to No. 8 overall to select Derrick Harvey. Yep.

A few years later in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Jaguars gave up pick Nos. 16 and 49 to move up to the No. 10 overall pick and select Blaine Gabbert. Yep.

The very next season in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Jaguars once again traded up. This time they moved from the No. 7 overall pick to No. 5 overall to pick Justin Blackmon. To move the two spots the Jaguars gave up their fourth round pick (No. 101).

So there you have it. The Jaguars have traded up in the NFL Draft four times in their history and down just once.

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