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Jaguars won't sign Michael Sam, says Dave Caldwell

Caldwell says that Michael Sam is not a scheme fit for the Jaguars.

Kevin C. Cox

No storyline drove coverage of Day Three of the 2014 NFL Draft more than the prospect of Missouri pass rusher Michael Sam possibly getting selected and becoming the first openly homosexual player in the NFL. He still hasn't been picked though, and he's just a handful of selections away from being an undrafted free agent.

If he does reach free agency, the Jaguars won't be the landing spot either, as general manager Dave Caldwell told reporters that the team will not be pursuing the SEC Defensive Player of the Year. Caldwell made it clear that he doesn't believe Sam's fall out of the draft class has anything to do with his sexual orientation and that the Jaguars won't pursue him because he doesn't fit the team's system.

Ultimately that's the reality for Sam, who is likely to fall out of the draft for the same reasons that Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat is. Both are classic tweeners that teams believe lack the size to effectively put their hand on the ground, but lack the athleticism to effectively play as a linebacker.

There will be a team that signs Sam and he'll have an uphill climb to make the roster, but that team will not be the Jaguars.