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Jaguars draft pick Aaron Colvin's father will burn all his Titans gear

One of the fun parts of the NFL Draft is learning about the players your team picks, such as learning fourth-round pick Aaron Colvin's father is a Tennessee Titans fan.

The Jacksonville Jaguars picked Oklahoma cornerback Aaron Colvin in the fourth-round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Colvin was a prospect who many felt would be a Day 2 pick, but after tearing his ACL in practice in the 2014 Senior Bowl, they knew he'd fall. The Jaguars snapped him up in the fourth round, having coached him in the Senior Bowl, and can afford to bring him along and let him rehab.

A local news station in Oklahoma was covering Colvin's draft watch party, which included his father... a Tennessee Titans fan.

Colvin's father told the local newscast that he was likely going to burn all of his Tennessee Titans jerseys now and buy some Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys.

Good choice, Aaron Colvin's dad. They do make good fuel.

At 5'11, 177 pounds, Colvin is far from a huge cornerback, but he does have the type of length that Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley covets. He will likely fit in well as a press-type cornerback who thrives in the style of defense that Jacksonville is still in the process of implementing.