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Highlights from Blake Bortles' first sit-down radio interview with 1010XL

Blake Bortles took to the airwaves on Thursday afternoon and his first sit-down interview in Jacksonville aired Friday morning on 1010XL's newest radio show -- Jaguars Today.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

To say that Blake Bortles has been through the wringer these last two weeks is an understatement. From countless interviews in New York, to the anxiety of the NFL Draft, to the hustle of getting back to Florida in time for workouts, meetings, and more... it's been a lot for the Jaguars' No. 3 pick.

But Bortles found a little bit of time to speak with Mike Dempsey and Tony Smith, hosts of 1010XL's new Jaguars Today.

Bortles started by talking about the NFL Draft and how encouraged he was by what the Jaguars did, but also how relieved he was to get out of media circles and start doing the things a quarterback should do:

It was also good to hear Bortles talk about his game -- not just the things he thinks he does well, but the things he may not do as well at:

Also, it was interesting to hear that Bortles talk about the best competition he faced in college, agreeing with Penn State that Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby was one of the best defenders he went up against.

And, of course, Bortles had to show some love for UCF teammate and seventh-round draft pick Storm Johnson.

However, Bortles saved the worst for last as he admitted that he's never played Mortal Kombat. Red flag, IMO.