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Day 1 recap: Jaguars rookie mini camp

The Jaguars just hosted their very first practice of the 2014 NFL season. Who stood out? How's Jacksonville feeling about their team?


We're eight days removed from the NFL Draft and the Jacksonville Jaguars have already hosted their first practice of the 2014 NFL season -- a two-hour rookie mini camp that included most of this year's rookie draft class and UDFAs, as well as an additional 27 tryout players.

Sure, the guys are playing in shorts and the first practice is always a little less fluid than the rest. But that didn't dissuade an announced 2,054 from showing up.

People came to see Blake Bortles throw the football and they weren't disappointed -- either in the number of reps Blake got (which was reported at upwards of 50 out of 70 total) nor with how well he connected with receivers:

Two of Bortles' receivers for the future -- Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson -- are also rookies, so on this first day of practice fans got to see him connect with two guys he'll most likely be throwing to for quite some time:

But it was Robinson who showed a little more shine on Friday afternoon than his counterpart in Lee:

After camp, coach Gus Bradley provided some good tidbits that we may have missed drooling over Bortles throwing to Lee and Robinson:

Again, an announced 2,054 fans came out to watch a rookie mini camp. On a Friday afternoon. At 1pm. Beautiful.