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Jaguars sign Luke Bowanko

The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed Luke Bowanko, the first of their 2014 rookie class.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars picked nine players in the 2014 NFL Draft and have finally signed their first draft pick, in offensive lineman Luke Bowanko.

The Jaguars used a sixth-round pick on Bowanko, who played all over the offensive line for the University of Virginia. It's assumed that Bowanko will work in training camp as a center and offensive guard, competing for one of the starting positions available at both spots.

With the new rookie slotting system under the current NFL CBA, signing rookies has come at a blistering pace, especially this season as some teams already have their entire draft class under contract.

I would expect the Jaguars rookies to beginning signing rather quickly and No. 3 overall pick Blake Bortles might take a little longer than usual, simply because of the position he plays, but all should be ready in time for training camp.