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Teddy Bridgewater had a better workout with the Jaguars than Pro Day

Dave Caldwell told reporters that Teddy Bridgewater had a solid showing in the team's private workout with the quarterback.

Joe Robbins

Just a few weeks ago, Teddy Bridgewater seemed like the favorite for the No. 3 selection if he managed to slip past the first two picks of the 2014 NFL Draft. Now with less than a week remaining, the idea of Bridgewater going in the top 10 is seemingly more and more unlikely and draft pundits have suggested that the Louisville passer could slide out of the first round altogether.

Much of the reported slide has centered around an underwhelming pre-draft process for Bridgewater. In particular, Bridgewater's performance at the Louisville Pro Day has been cast into the spotlight, as most in attendance described it as a poor showing.

"The Bridgewater [Pro Day] has confused me," NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said in a press conference on Thursday. "It has confused teams, and I'd be surprised if he goes in the first round."

Still, with a huge need at quarterback for the Jaguars, it seems foolish to rule out Bridgewater as a possible selection. On Friday, general manager Dave Caldwell confirmed as much as he spoke positively of the Louisville quarterback at a pre-draft press conference.

Caldwell told reporters that Bridgewater did a "nice job" in a private workout with the team and had a better showing than at his pro day. Earlier in the day, Caldwell told 1010XL that a poor showing in a pro day won't keep the team from drafting a player and that it's just another piece of the draft evaluation process.

In Bridgewater's junior season, he tallied 31 touchdown passes and four interceptions before foregoing his senior season to enter the 2014 NFL Draft.

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