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How many Jaguars 2014 NFL Draft picks will be starters?

The Jacksonville Jaguars walked away from the 2014 NFL Draft with nine new players, but how many will be starters opening day?

Rob Foldy

The NFL Draft is almost always about building your roster for the future, though most teams prefer to get early returns on their first round picks. The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted nine players in the 2014 NFL Draft, but it was a mix of early starters and future starters.

So how many rookies in this class will start Week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles?

Before seeing training camp and everything going forward, I think the easy answer is firmly three, with a possibility of five.

Allen Robinson / Marqise Lee

Pushing away the semantics of what a "starter" actually is, I believe both Robinson and Lee will factor in heavily early on in the season. Whether both are lined up wide for the first offensive snap of the game or if they're both there on the next play in a three-wide receiver set, for all intents and purposes both will be "starters" for the Jaguars in Week 1.

Frankly, they don't really have anyone else who's starting caliber, and that's not a shot at Ace Sanders.

Brandon Linder

While Linder wasn't a player talked up in the pre-draft process, the Jaguars traded up into the third-round to make sure they were able to land him. A run on interior lineman had started on Day 2 of the draft, so general manager Dave Caldwell wanted to land a starting quality player.

Linder should be the opening day starter, else the pick would tend to give you pause, as it was a player the team moved up for on Day 2 of the draft at a big position of need.

It's also possible Telvin Smith and Luke Bowanko steal away starting jobs with their play in preseason. Then there's also the possibility of Blake Bortles winning the opening day job.