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What Jaguars player never gets remembered enough?

The Jacksonville Jaguars don't have a long history just yet, but there are still some good players from their past who slip through the cracks of fan memory.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars don't have that many Hall of Fame caliber players in their history. There are two to three arguable players that can carry that banner, but the team has a lot of good and memorable players in their short 19-year history.

One player who I don't think gets remembered enough when talking about players of the past is defensive tackle Rob Meier, and I think it's because he was a big part of the dead area in Jaguars history. Not that Meier contributed to that dead area, because he was a very good player, but that it wasn't a very memorable time for the Jaguars on the field.

Meier, originally drafted in the seventh-round of the 2000 NFL Draft, made the Jaguars roster as a rotation defensive lineman. He was also the first overall pick in the 1999 CFL Draft, as he originally hails from Vancouver.

Meier seemed to perpetually live on the roster bubble until the Jaguars picked Marcus Stroud and John Henderson, allowing Meier to thrive in his role as a sub-package defensive tackle. He played nine seasons for the Jaguars, starting 49 games, playing both defensive tackle and defensive end.

Meier was one of a handful of players who seem to be "forgotten" in the first decade of the oughts for the Jaguars.

Who else isn't remembered enough?