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Marqise Lee: 'I don't plan on dealing with no alligators'

New Jacksonville Jaguars rookie receiver Marqise Lee doesn't plan on dealing with alligators.

The Jacksonville Jaguars first two picks in the 2014 NFL Draft, quarterback Blake Bortles and wide receiver Marqise Lee, flew to Los Angeles for the NFLPA rookie premiere and were stopped in the airport by TMZ Sports.

Immediately Bortles was asked if  he'd ever wrestled an alligator or taught Lee how to deal with them, being as Lee is from California and Bortles is from Florida. Bortles said he hasn't given Lee the breakdown on alligators, but said he's caught one while fishing, but had to cut the line.

"I don't plan on dealing with no alligators man," Lee said when the person recording the two rookies asked him how he'd deal with one if he came upon one.

As mentioned, the two are on their way to the NFLPA rookie premier, which SB Nation will be covering pretty heavily. We'll hopefully have an interview from one of the two, if not both, coming in the next few days.