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Weaver family to sell Jacksonville home, proceeds going to fund community non-profits

Wayne and Delores Weaver said they'll be selling their riverfront Jacksonville home, with proceeds going to their Weaver Family Foundation Fund at The Community Foundation.

Joe Robbins

The Weaver family announced on Wednesday morning that they'd be selling their 14,000-square foot home, with proceeds going to philanthropic endeavors in Jacksonville.

According to The Community Foundation, the expected contribution to Jacksonville will include a $1 million endowed donor-advised fund at The Community Foundation in the names of the buyers who purchase the property at the $4.7 million asking price.

Delores Weaver said that she's excited to see what kind of impact this can have in Northeast Florida:

"This home holds a special place in our heart, as does Jacksonville. In giving this property to The Community Foundation, and hopefully establishing an endowed fund for the buyer, many deserving nonprofits and those they serve will benefit."

The Community Foundation primarily funds initiatives in Northeast Florida that support public education, neighborhood revitalization, supporting aging adults, veterans, the arts, and more.

You can learn more about the home and details of the donation and the advised fund at