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Johnny Manziel a real possibility for Jaguars?

Jaguars general manager noted that Johnny Manziel was the most ready to start out of the quarterbacks in the NFL Draft. Playing games or a real possibility?

It's no doubt the Jacksonville Jaguars will be looking for a quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft. They've been linked with nearly double-digit quarterbacks ranging possible from round one to the mid-rounds. The general consensus is that the Jaguars will pass a quarterback with the third overall pick in favor of a wide receiver or a pass rusher, but there seems to be one wild card.

Johnny Manziel.

Ryan O'Halloran of The Florida Times-Union noted in his column in the Saturday paper that Caldwell noted "most" of the quarterbacks in the draft need work and will have to sit, he left it open to a follow up questions which was asked.

"Johnny [Manziel] would probably be the one guy you could plug in there sooner rather than later just because his style of play isn't going to change much from Year 1 to Year 2," Caldwell said when asked if anyone was ready to play out of the gate.

Smokesceens? Genuine interest? Playing a game?

It's possibly yes to all three, it is a week from the draft after all.

There is at least some passing interest in Manziel from the Jaguars, as they've scouted a few live games, sent the house to his Pro Day and brought him in for a private visit. O'Halloran reports in his column that the Jaguars intrigue during the season with Manziel possibly could have grown into interest.

There's a lot of concern about Manziel's polarizing style of play and translating to the NFL, but Caldwell didn't seem to believe if he were drafted the Jaguars would need to change their offensive scheme much.

"We talked about that a lot," Caldwell told reporters at the pre-draft media luncheon. "It wouldn't be anything where he would have to change it substantially."

Maybe there's a scenario where if Jadeveon Clowney goes No. 1 overall and Sammy Watkins go No. 2 overall the Jaguars decide to pull the trigger on Manziel at No. 3 in favor of someone like Khalil Mack. Maybe the Jaguars have a trade worked out if a certain player falls to No. 3 overall and plan to pick Manziel if he's available in the No. 6-10 range.

Maybe Drake will sit in the pools in the endzone for the home opener Week 3.

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