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Blake Bortles puts on a Jaguars uniform for the first time

The Jaguars No. 3 overall pick puts on an NFL uniform for the first time.

Were you curious what Blake Bortles would look like in a full Jacksonville Jaguars uniform? Good news.

He looks real real good.

Bortles is out with many of the other 2014 NFL rookies in Los Angeles for the NFLPA Rookie Premiere event, which takes place every season. It's where many of the rookies take their pictures for their football cards.

SB Nation have feet on the ground covering the NFLPA event and whatever Jaguars news, pictures or video they bring us we will relay to you here.

I've heard that we might get video of Marqise Lee yelling Duval, but I can't promise anything just yet.

I kind of wished Bortles would have worn the teal alternate uniform, but I do like the all-black look the best. Are you used to the new uniforms yet, or are they still jarring?