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Day 1 Recap: Bold City Brigade takes over New York

Nearly 130 members of the Bold City Brigade met up in New York City for the NFL Draft. Their tales are harrowing and their passion is unrivaled. This is their Day 1 recap.

Air Duval

The day started even before 5am when members of the Jaguars and JAX Airport were out in full force offering swag, food, water, and hugs to the Bold City Brigade faithful as they boarded Air Duval.

The Line

If this is the kind of party that the Bold City Brigade brings to a 6am flight out of Jacksonville, what will happen when they actually get to New York? There were two priorities once they got into the city:

And getting in line.

Wristbands? Check.

Monopoly on Radio City Music Hall? Check.

Selfie with Roger Goodell? Check. Wait, what?

Boom. Touchdown Jaguars. Now what?

The Secret

When Cap says he's got a surprise in store, you don't ask questions. And here's why:

The Booze

Legends NYC is one of the best bars in the city. It's big, there's about 50 TVs, they've got just about every beer you could think of, and they're known to give free teal shots to Jaguars fans on ocassion. But what was about to happen for the Bold City Brigade was beyond anyone's wildest imagination.

The Naps

Good night, sweet princes.

Rest up. You'll need it, fam. Another warrior joins Duval on the morrow. And if you want to check out all the photos, just check the #BCBDraft hashtag on Twitter.

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