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Grade Jaguars pick of Allen Robinson

The revamped Jaguars offense will feature Cecil Shorts III, Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson as a receiving corps.


General manager Dave Caldwell watched Penn State wide receiver Allen Robinson slide down the order in the second round and eventually decided he couldn't wait any more. After striking a deal with the San Francisco 49ers that sent away the No. 150 pick (the one acquired by a trade involving Mike Thomas), the Jaguars moved up nine spots to No. 61 to snag the two-time All-Big Ten receiver.

The second receiver taken by the Jaguars in the round, just 22 picks apart, Robinson now joins a Jaguars receiving corps that features Cecil Shorts III, Ace Sanders and fellow rookie, Marqise Lee.

Caldwell told reporters immediately after the selection that the team had Robinson just behind Lee on their board. That wouldn't be surprising to Nick Polak of SB Nation's Penn State blog, Black Shoes Diaries, who wrote that whatever team selected Robinson was going to end up being very happy:

There aren't many downsides to Robinson's game. The obvious one that is immediately pointed out by his detractors is the fact that he is not a burner. Which is true. Robinson will never be one who simply bursts down the sidelines or outruns any cornerback foolish enough to cover him. He simply doesn't have that kind of speed. However as I mentioned earlier, that is not his game. While the term "game speed" can sometimes be overblown, Robinson embodies the idea pretty well. He won't run straight past faster corners and safeties, but he will allow his blockers to do their jobs and find open space for himself.

With another addition to the offense, the Jaguars will certainly look to score much more points in 2014 after finishing with the NFL's fewest points in 2013. So what say you, BCC? Do you approve of the selection of Robinson or would you have gone in a different direction?