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Filed under: takes jab at Chad Henne, quickly takes it down

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Surprise, surprise! writers are making fun of the Jaguars and Chad Henne. But thanks to #JaguarsTwitter, it was quickly taken down.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday afternoon, Kevin Patra of joined the chorus of national writers and wrote a piece about the new cabanas and end zone pools that Everbank Field was installing this summer.

Everything looked fine until you got to the last two lines:

Yeah, Chad Henne isn't that good, we get it. But it's a tired joke.

Kevin thought he could get away with a lazy attempt at making fun of the team late in the afternoon. But like so many before him, #JaguarsTwitter let him know what was up.

Within hours, the story was republished with the last line conveniently left out.

Happy Tuesday, Kevin.