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2011 NFL Draft re-grade and we're not the worst!

New, comments's Bucky Brooks re-graded the 2011 NFL Draft for all 32 teams and the Jaguars got a D. But we didn't get the worst grade! Huzzah!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The 2011 NFL Draft is a sore spot for Jaguars fans. The team only had one pick in the first 75 spots and former GM Gene Smith selected Blaine Gabbert. So, yeah, I guess you could say we'd like to forget that whole thing ever took place.

But in his look back on 2011,'s Bucky Brooks didn't give the Jaguars the worst grade. No, our grade of D was marginally better than that of the Philadelphia Eagles, who managed D- and earned the distinction as the worst draft class of 2011.

So what was Jacksonville's saving grace? Fourth-round draft pick Cecil Shorts III:

Best pick: Cecil Shorts, WR (Round 4, 114th overall)
The small-college standout has been a terrific find for the Jaguars. He has emerged as the team's top pass catcher, while quietly developing into an upper-echelon playmaker in the AFC.

It should be noted that Brooks called third-round draft pick Will Rackley a "hidden gem" and "a solid player" who gave the Jaguars solid production based on his draft selection. Meh. If I'm grabbing a guy in the third round, I want more than three years and 25 starts.

After reading the article, I can't believe Brooks forgot to mention the selections of Chris Prosinski and Rod Isaac, if we're being honest.