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50 best plays of 2013 - No. 50: Blackmon's TD in St. Louis

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We're counting down the 50 best plays of 2013. Up first at No. 50? Blaine Gabbert to Justin Blackmon for a touchdown in the Show Me State.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

It's 50 days until the preseason opener against the Buccaneers, and we thought there wasn't a better way to celebrate than to highlight the 50 best plays of 2013.

So, what play comes in at No. 50? A little backstory about it:

We were 0-4. We had already sustained a fairly lackluster possession. We still had Blaine Gabbert (shudder!) at quarterback. We were on the road.

Things looked grim, to say the least.

And then... well, things turned around rather suddenly. On the game's third possession, Blaine Gabbert called an audible for another quick pass play after throwing to Cecil Shorts III for a first down. The result? The best play of Gabbert's and Blackmon's season in 2013.

Should it rank a bit higher on the Top-50 list of 2013 plays? Maybe. But, who cares? I want Gabbert done on this list as soon as possible.

Do you think this was one of the best plays of 2013? Let us know in the comment below!