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What's your favorite Jaxson De Ville moment?

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The Jaguars mascot has done his fair share of memorable things. But Mike Dempsey and 1010XL's Jaguars Today are wondering... what specific moment stands out to you?

Charlie Crowhurst

He's tackled Tim Tebow.

He's taken paint balls like a champion.

He's even stared down Mike Florio and fired two proton torpedoes right into his thermal exhaust port.

He's Jaxson de Ville and he's the best damn mascot in the NFL. Not only have his stunts earned him spots on ESPN's SportsCenter, but he works hard at giving back to the city he loves -- regularly encouraging local military, appearing at community hospitals, and showing up at charity events that benefit the Jacksonville area.

There's a lot of moments that stand out to me, but one of the best has to be when he went streaking in historic Wembley Stadium last year. He started off the game in typical Jaxson de Ville fashion, bungee jumping into the venue.

But Jaxson's streaking is what will stand out to me from that game... and I'm sure what stands out for many of the 86,000 who were at Wembley that day.

What's your favorite moment from Jaxson de Ville's storied career as Jacksonville's mascot?

Let us know in the comments below, or tweet your answer using the hashtag #JaguarsToday!