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The view from a Jaguars pool seat

Curious what it will look like from the Jaguars endzone pool?

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Wonder what it would look like on game day if you were sitting in the Jacksonville Jaguars new "spa" section?

Pretty awesome.

The Jaguars are currently updating the "virtual tour" engine that lets you preview what a view from the seat will look like when trying to sell season tickets.

I'm not sure if the team has pre-sold any new "spa" seats for the 2014 season yet, but it looks like a pretty great endzone seat that you can chill in a pool.

For those curious, here's what the new seats cost:

North End Zone bar rail, $150 per game: Seats located at the front rail of the new endzone platform, price includes food and drink.

North End Zone party cabanas, $150 per game per person: Groups seating of 20-140 people with the same access and perks as the pool cabanas.

Pool cabanas, $250 per game, per person:. For groups of up to 300 people with lounge furniture, TVs, includes food and drink.

Field level seats, $350 per game: Field level seating on EverBank Field's east side with food and drink included.

Kickoff club tables, $375 per game: Private area with four-person tables above the 100 level with food and drink included.