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Allen Robinson injured, sidelined for a few weeks

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Jacksonville Jaguars second-round pick Allen Robinson will be sidelined for a few weeks with a hamstring injury.

Rob Foldy

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie wide receiver Allen Robinson will be sidelined for a few weeks, dealing with a hamstring injury the team revealed on Monday after OTA practices.

It's unclear currently if Robinson was injured during practice today or tweaked it another way, but it appears the Jaguars are going to be careful with Robinson and keep him out a few weeks. It's a smart move, because hamstring injuries can tend to linger. It's not terribly important for Robinson to be on the field during OTA practices, though he's missing time working with coach Jerry Sullivan, it's better for him to get healthy.

The Jaguars other rookie wide receiver, Marqise Lee, also missed practice with an ankle injury, though it doesn't appear his injury will keep him out as long as Robinson will be out.