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Jaguars quotables: Ryan Davis draws praise, Blake Bortles has a rough day

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The Jaguars ended organized team activities without veteran defensive end Jason Babin, who was released Thursday morning and with Blake Bortles having a rough day.

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"Yeah, Ryan Davis and guys like that have done a nice job."

- Gus Bradley on younger players weighing on the Jason Babin decision

The Jacksonville Jaguars released veteran defensive end Jason Babin on Thursday, which was met with a little bit of surprise, but I believe that was mostly due to the timing of his release. Babin was far from a lock on the final roster, with the team having a glut of young pups at the LEO position and the addition of veteran Chris Clemons in free agency.

"It’s good. You’ve got a number of guys there and we’re trying to figure out who we have there," Bradley said about the younger LEO ends. "Now we can increase the numbers of guys and get a chance to learn about them more. It will be good for those younger guys."

Recently the Jaguars head coach has praised Andre Branch, fifth-round pick Chris Smith, and notably Ryan Davis, who Bradley gushed about after Wednesday's practice.

"Where do you put LaRoy? At Will? Do you put him at this Otto spot that we created? He’s really done a nice job there, he’s really done a good job at Otto."

- Gus Bradley on LaRoy Reynolds in OTAs

Second-year linebacker LaRoy Reynolds is once again making an impression on the coaching staff in OTA practices. With Dekoda Watson sidelined with an injury, Reynolds has taken advantage of soaking up all the extra reps at the Jaguars new OTTO linebacker position, which is similar to the traditional SAM outside linebacker role.

While Watson is likely the starter once he returns fully healthy, Reynolds appears to be doing well enough to where he might force himself on the field at some of the other linebacker positions. It seems he's versatile enough now in his second season where he realistically could be the top back up at each of the three linebacker positions.

"It wasn't a great day. There were things I didn't do very well, but that's part of it. It's not a two or four week process, it's a long process, a long journey."

- Blake Bortles on his poor day of practice on Thursday

By all accounts Blake Bortles struggled in the final OTA practice on Thursday, following up completing just 5-of-12 passes according to Ryan O'Halloran in Wednesday's practice.

"Average," Bortles said when asked about how he's throwing the football right now. "Definitely average."

Bortles has been up and down in OTA practices this season, which was to be expected. The Jaguars plan is to sit Bortles, for the whole season if necessary, and have him work out some of his mechanical flaws. Bortles has been humble about what he needs to work on and admitted publicly to the fact that things need to be worked on.