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Cecil Shorts: Justin Blackmon is "doing all right"

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Jaguars receivers Cecil Shorts III and Mike Brown are still reaching out to the suspended Justin Blackmon. Although they aren't getting much of a response, they've heard he's in rehab and "doing all right".

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The last we heard about suspended Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon was that he was back in Oklahoma. Cecil Shorts III said in May he'd reached out to him "more than a couple of times" but had gotten no response.

Although Blackmon hasn't spoken publicly about his present suspension, and Shorts is still saying he isn't responding, Jaguars receivers said this week they're learning more about how Blackmon is doing.

Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union reported on Sunday that Shorts, along with receiver Mike Brown, have learned that Blackmon is in rehab back in Oklahoma.

"I tried reaching out a few times," Shorts said. "If he responds, he responds. That doesn’t matter, as long as he knows that I care. From what I’ve heard within the last week, he’s checked into rehab and is doing all right. That’s the extent of what I know."

Brown, however, has said he's gotten some response, but very little else.

"Every now and again, he will respond to my text," Brown said. "We came into the NFL together and we’re halfway close. But I don’t get into his personal business. Whatever he has going on, I respect his space. I just want him to get better. Whatever the problem is, get it addressed. I’m more concerned about him as a person."

Frenette also reported that several sources have confirmed to the Florida Times-Union that Blackmon is back living in the Oklahoma City area.