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Allen Hurns knows it's about helping the Jaguars out, not just making catches

Allen Hurns knows he faces an uphill battle when it comes to making the final 53-man roster. But the undrafted free agent out of Miami thinks his versatility, awareness, and unselfishness will help him land in a crowded group of Jaguars receivers.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Hurns is always looking forward.

He's not worried he wasn't drafted. He's not concerned there are 12 other guys looking to fill five or six receiver spots. He's not uncertain in the least about the transition from college to the NFL.

Hurns is confident, but not cocky. He's assured, but not arrogant.

"I picked Jacksonville because I know Jedd Fisch and I know his playbook," said Hurns. "When I was looking at their roster, they didn’t have a lot of veterans. It was a lot of rookies and a lot of one-year guys. I have a good shot."

As a senior in 2013, Hurns had 60 receptions for 1,138 yards and six touchdowns with the Hurricanes. He's the single-season record holder for receiving yards at a school that has had Michael Irvin, Andre Johnson, and Reggie Wayne.

But when Hurns talks about his place as a receiver for the Jaguars, he seems to mention everything except the receiving part.

"I’m one of the bigger receivers on the field and I like to go over the middle. As a receiver, you’ve got to be able to take the hits. It’s not just about making catches, it’s about helping out. You’ve got to think of the running back, the other wide receivers, and help out however you can, and that’s who I am. I take pride in my ability to block downfield."

That unselfishness is key to Jedd Fisch's offense. Fisch has made no secret that his style of offense depends on more than the two-receiver formations that have been standard for so long.

"The one thing about our system is that we can put anybody where we want them to be just based on changing a name," Fisch said in May. "We’re a 55-60% three wide receivers in the game at a time type of offense."

And Hurns knows that his versatility at the wide receiver position is going to go a long way towards locking up a roster spot in Jacksonville.

"I can play any of the positions on the field: the X, the Z, the slot. I feel I can do it all. And that's important in Jedd Fisch’s offense. He likes to get a lot of guys the ball. He’s not going to just target one specific guy, he’s going to spread it around."

"I’m working on all my route techniques right now. That’s something I take pride on, that I can run whatever the play or route calls for. As a receiver, you’ve got to learn what route you’re running and be on point with that assignment."

Will Hurns find a place on the final 53-man roster? Could he push Tandon Doss and Mike Brown for that last spot in the receiving group?

"I’m getting a lot of reps with the ones and that means I’m getting time in front of the coaches. I’m just going to make the most out of this opportunity."