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50 best plays of 2013 - No. 46: Prosinski knocks down Hail Mary

We're counting down the 50 best plays of 2013. Who made it at No. 46? Chris Prosinski, and the rest of the secondary, defending a last-second Hail Mary perfectly.

Matt Sullivan

In the 50 days leading up to the preseason opener against the Buccaneers, we're counting down the 50 best plays of 2013.

Yesterday at No. 47 was Gus Bradley's gamble to fake a punt against the Broncos. What's No. 46?

Chris Prosinski and the rest of the Jaguars secondary defending a Hail Mary and securing a win against the Browns in Cleveland.

Just minutes before, Chad Henne responded by leading the Jaguars on an 80-yard drive that ended with a beautiful pass to Cecil Shorts III in the back of the end zone.

The Browns only had 30 seconds to come from a 32-38 deficit, but Gordon has shown himself to be capable of big plays, scoring on a 95-yard play earlier in the fourth quarter.

Cleveland made it to midfield and had one last play -- a Hail Mary the Jaguars secondary defended perfectly, boxing out all three Browns receivers in the area and smartly batting the pass away.

It felt good to have our pass defense, ranked 26th in the league last year, secure a win on the road.

Should Prosinski's knockdown be on the list? Let us know in the comment below!