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50 best plays of 2013 - No. 39: Babin becomes team's sack leader

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We're counting down the 50 best plays of 2013. Who made it at No. 39? Jason Babin and the final of his team-leading 7.5 sacks last year.

Gregory Shamus

In the 50 days leading up to the preseason opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we're counting down the 50 best plays of 2013.

Yesterday at No. 40 was Tyson Alualu's only solo sack of the season. At No. 39 is Jason Babin and his sack on Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck -- which helped him to a team-leading 7.5 sacks last season.

For the last few seasons, the Jacksonville Jaguars haven't had much of a pass rush. In fact, the last consistent pass rushing threats the Jaguars had were Paul Spicer and Reggie Heyward.

But Babin was able to earn 7.5 sacks last year, the most since 2011, and this sack against Luck in Week 17 put him there.

Should Babin's 7.5 sacks be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!