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Jaguars scoreboards are too big to be shy

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Not everything is bigger in Texas.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are nearly finished constructing their massive scoreboards on both endzones of EverBank Field and they are already advertising it, with this hilarious billboard in town, taking a shot at the Dallas Cowboys.

The new scoreboards are bigger than any other stadium in the United States and the Jaguars are not being shy. It's one of the many new improvements the team is making to EverBank Field. The construction of one of the scoreboards is complete and the process with the other scoreboard is on pace to be finished and operation prior to the scheduled unveiling for a Fulham friendly in late July.

The team has been testing the panels for the scoreboards too, which had kind of a neat side effect according to one reader in John Oehser's mailbag.

Ramon from Saint Johns, Section 150 and DTWD:

Hey John, pretty cool moment Friday night. I'm a pilot and was flying from New York to Orlando. As Jacksonville was coming into view on the horizon, I saw a big bright light in the middle of the city. We were about 200 miles away at 40,000 feet. As we drew closer to Jacksonville we figured out what the light was: the south end zone video board was lit up. I guess they were testing it. Two hundred miles away at 40,000 feet ... John, these video boards are going to be awesome!!! Pretty Cool!! Go Jags. #Cantwaitfortheseason

John: No joke. That is cool.

That's pretty awesome.